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                                    17. Anti-collision Safety Scheme of Tower Crane

                                      Shengda 2018-11-26 1585 Return

                                      I. engineering survey

                                      This project is located on the road and road, the total building area m? 1 story underground, floor area m? The floor area is m? For multi-storey buildings, tower cranes are needed.

                                      In order to prevent the collision between tower crane and tower crane during construction, the following measures must be taken to ensure the safe operation of tower crane in the process of setting the location of tower crane, installation and use.

                                      II. Location and installation requirements of tower crane

                                      1. The location of tower crane should be chosen according to the type of tower crane. The horizontal safety distance between the arm end of the lower tower and the standard section of the tower must not be less than 2m, and between the tower crane and the adjacent building should not be less than 3m.

                                      2. When installing, it is necessary to ensure that the lowest part of the high tower, that is, the highest position of the hook and the upper arm of the low tower should not be less than 5 m, and the distance between the hook and the tie rod should not be less than 2.5 m, so as to ensure that the upper arm of the tower crane is not on the same working face and prevent collision with each other.

                                      3. Anti-collision Measures in Tower Crane Operation

                                      1. Before the tower crane drivers and signal commanders take up their posts, the project department and the equipment rental units should focus on the written safety technical submission of the cross-working parts.

                                      2. Tower crane drivers and signal commanders must be familiar with the technical performance and lifting range of the machine.

                                      3. Communication equipment used by tower crane drivers and signal commanders must have a unified channel, and special aircraft should be used. Drivers and signal commanders should be relatively fixed and should not be replaced without special circumstances.

                                      4. In the process of command, the system of signal command and response of tower crane driver should be strictly enforced, that is, before signal commander sends out action instructions, he calls the number of tower crane under command first, and then he can issue tower crane action instructions only after the driver responds.

                                      5. When lifting cargo, the signalman sends out instructions, the driver of the tower crane must whistle warning and carry out braking performance test after lifting 50 cm off the ground to ensure safety and reliability.

                                      6. The driver and signalman of the tower crane must see the hook and the object of the tower crane in the operation of goods. In the process of the tower crane swing arm, they must also look around the working state of the adjacent tower crane.

                                      7. Tower crane trolley runs forward to about 20 meters. Tass should look around and whistle for tips.

                                      8. The night construction must be equipped with adequate lighting and open obstacle lights to ensure that the driver's vision is clear.

                                      IV. Relevant measures after suspension

                                      1. After Tass leaves work, he retrieves the hook to the top, the car retrieves to the root of his arm, cuts off the power supply, and closes the doors and windows.

                                      2. After work, you should park your arms in the downwind direction and turn on the beacon lights and anti-collision lights.

                                      3. Night duty personnel should pay close attention to the fluctuation of the red flag at the front of the arm and the turning of the tower arm, and inform him of the situation in time.

                                      5. Operation requirements of tower crane

                                      1. The operation principle of group towers is low towers and high towers.

                                      2. When the front tower of the rear tower is working in the cross area of the crane booms of the two towers, the tower crane entering the area after the tower crane should avoid the tower crane entering the area first.

                                      3. The moving tower makes the static tower. When the two tower booms are crossed, one tower crane has no turning and the trolley has no walking, while the running tower crane always pays attention to the static tower state.

                                      4. Light trucks give way to heavy trucks. When two tower cranes are running at the same time, the unloaded tower crane should avoid the loaded tower crane.

                                      5. When the main tower of the passenger tower is divided into different units and working areas, the high tower is the main tower and the low tower is the guest tower. When the tower crane runs, the low tower pays close attention to the operation route of the high tower and the high tower.

                                      6. In the operation of tower crane, when all kinds of conditions exist at the same time, they shall be carried out according to the above arrangement principle.