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                                    17. What technical and safety information should be provided before tower crane construction?

                                      Shengda 2018-11-26 1555 Return

                                      What technical and safety information should be provided before tower crane construction?

                                      What technical and safety data should be provided before tower crane is constructed on site? Tower crane is a large-scale mechanical equipment, tower crane installation, disassembly and use, there are strict audit procedures. Therefore, the construction site tower crane must have complete technical and safety information before it can be constructed. The general tower crane data are as follows:

                                      (1) Tower crane production license, factory qualification certificate, operation instructions, equipment files, operation and maintenance records, installation and demolition plan, acceptance certificate, inspection report.

                                      (2) Qualification certificate of disassembly team, operation certificate and safety induction certificate of equipment disassembly personnel, commanders, operators and other special operators.

                                      (3) Limited load sign, safety warning sign, operation regulation plate, acceptance pass plate and fixed person fixed plane plate are suspended at the tower crane.

                                      In accordance with the relevant regulations and standards, the staff and workers must strictly implement the inspection and acceptance management of tower crane installation, carry out all kinds of work, strictly control, standardize management and form a system to prevent the occurrence of tower crane accidents and raise the level of safety production to a new level.

                                      The above contents are sorted out according to the problems encountered by the students in their actual work, for reference. If there are any problems, please communicate and correct them in time.