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                                    17. The difference between crane and tower crane

                                      Shengda 2018-11-26 1709 Return

                                      What is the difference between crane and tower crane?

                                      Tower crane: A tower crane with a high fuselage and unlimited height according to tonnage size. The main work is to build high-rise buildings such as bridges, pillars and pipes. Lifting weight is 1 ton to 80 tons. According to the tonnage and working condition distance of tower crane, it has made remarkable contribution to the construction start-up. Tower crane classification: 1. Tower head type tower crane 2. Flat head tower crane 3. Construction lift 4. Boom tower crane according to model: 315, 40, 63, 80, etc., according to the origin can be Dongmei, Weihai, Mudanjiang, Shandong, etc.

                                      Crane: It is widely used in lifting and transporting machinery in ports, workshops and construction sites. Types of cranes: A. Movable: truck crane, caterpillar crane, traveling crane, etc. B. Fixed type: wharf crane, tower crane, gantry crane, etc. The name of crane is a unified title. Frequently called cranes are mainly truck cranes and caterpillar cranes. The use of cranes is related to hoisting equipment, emergency, lifting, machinery and rescue.