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                                    17. Specialization of the Future Development Trend of Crane Industry

                                      Shengda 2018-11-28 1593 Return

                                      With the national power, petrochemical, iron and steel, transportation and other infrastructure construction into a climax, the rapid expansion of the crane market, crane large-scale trend has become an irreversible fact. In order to reduce production costs and save manpower and material resources, the demand for large cranes is gradually expanding, and the lifting requirements for cranes are increasing. As the requirement of lifting speed is higher and higher, the requirement of energy consumption control and crane performance is higher and higher. As an important part of automated production process, simple operation, high safety, reliable performance and easy maintenance are the basic requirements of cranes. In addition, high cost performance cranes will have more market in the future.

                                      For this reason, specialized cranes to meet various work needs are constantly being developed and put into use, including special cranes for nuclear power, papermaking, garbage disposal and so on. And cranes with special performance can also meet a variety of working environments, such as anti-corrosion, explosion-proof, insulated electric hoist crane and so on. The performance of traditional railway and ship cranes has been enhanced, and their adaptability to the environment has also been improved.

                                      It can be imagined that with the development of urbanization in all parts of the country, including railway transportation, construction, energy and water conservancy and many other aspects of Engineering construction, it also provides a broader development prospect for the development of China's crane industry. In the next 3-5 years, the Chinese crane market will be more exciting, the spectrum of 100-1000 ton crane products will be more intensive, and the electric hoist technology will be more mature. People will gradually calm down from the initial surprise that Chinese enterprises successively break through the "world's largest", and more deeply integrate into engineering applications and user needs.

                                      Faced with the better momentum of the development of China's lifting machinery industry, we should pay attention to the technology of machinery, study and put forward countermeasures for the sustainable development of lifting machinery equipment. Although China has entered the high-end, it has to innovate independently, establish its own brand, promote strategic development, use innovation to lead development, and do its own talent well. In order to achieve the long-term development of the industry, we should strengthen the cultivation of the knowledge of intellectual property rights.

                                      The market competition of gantry crane in China is mainly through price war. The price war is cruel and low-level, and the final result is that profits continue to decline, resulting in a decline in product quality, a decline in the level of the entire industry, and eventually collapse. One of the main reasons for this situation is that there is no difference in the products of each country, no comparable performance, no comparable personality.