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                                    17. New and Practical Development Trend of Crane

                                      Shengda 2018-11-28 1570 Return

                                      With the continuous development of science and technology, cranes are also constantly developing and progressing. Today, we will talk about the development trend of the new and practical crane.

                                      In the structure of crane, thin-walled profiles and special-shaped steel are used to reduce the splicing welds of the structure and improve the fatigue resistance. Various new materials of high strength low alloy steel are used to improve the bearing capacity, stress conditions, reduce self-weight and improve the appearance. The bridge structure of overhead crane mostly adopts box-shaped four-girder structure. The main girder and end girder are connected by high-strength bolts, which is convenient for transportation and installation.

                                      The crane further develops new transmission parts and simplifies the mechanism. The "three in one" operation mechanism is a combination of motor, reducer and brake. It has the advantages of compact structure, light and beautiful appearance, convenient disassembly and assembly, simple adjustment, stable operation and large matching range. It has been widely used in various crane operation mechanisms abroad. In order to simplify the structure of small and medium-sized crane trolley, reduce the size and height of crane and reduce wheel pressure, electric hoist has been widely used as lifting mechanism abroad. In order to reduce self-weight, improve load-carrying capacity, improve processing and manufacturing conditions, and increase product yield, parts are welded instead of cast as far as possible, such as reducer housing, rollers, pulleys and so on. Hard tooth surfaces are used in reducer gears to reduce self-weight, reduce volume, improve load-bearing capacity and increase service life. Hydraulic push rod disc brake is also more and more widely used. In addition, the motors used by each organization are developing towards high speed, which can reduce the base number of the motor, reduce the weight and shape size, and can be equipped with brakes with small braking moment.

                                      In the aspect of electric control, cranes have developed speed control system and electronic control system with good performance, low cost and high reliability, and developed semi-automatic and full-automatic operation. The use of electromechanical and hydraulic integration technology can improve the performance and reliability of the crane and increase the function of the crane. The control technology of fuzzy logic circuit is developed. The best time to start acceleration is found by using neuro-information and fuzzy technology. The data input system of experienced driver's anti-swing operation can realize the optimal control. Fuzzy control method can determine the control instructions to implement automatic work, and quantify the subjective fuzzy quantity by means of the fuzzy set.