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                                      Address:No. 2 Dahua Road, Industrial Concentration Zone, Daitou Town, Liyang City

                                    9. Liyang Shengda Machinery Co., Ltd.
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                                    17. Barry L. Pennypacker is President and CEO of Manitowak Crane Group

                                      Shengda 2018-11-28 1693 Return

                                      "Barry has incorporated a new concept into the Manitowak crane business. His leadership style pays more attention to effect. Through continuous improvement of the process, he has led several complex enterprises to successfully complete the transformation, which not only achieves outstanding business and financial performance, but also creates greater value for shareholders. In addition, Barry has a strong industry knowledge background and has successfully implemented many lean projects in his career, which makes him an excellent candidate for consolidating Manitowak crane market leadership, bringing the company back on track and improving profitability. Kenneth W. Krueger said.

                                      Not long ago, Mr. Pennypacker was the founder, president and CEO of Quantum Lean LLC, a private manufacturer and supplier of precision parts. Prior to that, he served as President, CEO and Director of Gardner Denver Inc., a manufacturer and distributor of industrial engineering equipment and related components and services, from 2008 to 2012. During his tenure in Gardner Denver, he developed a corporate culture of high performance and created tremendous value for customers, employees and shareholders.

                                      Prior to joining Gardner Denver, Mr. Pennypacker held several important positions at Westinghouse AirBrake Technologies Corporation, a global supplier of technical equipment and services to the railway industry, the last of which was the Group's Executive Vice President. In addition, he has held senior management and operational positions while working for The Stanley Works (a global manufacturer of tools and security products) and Danaher Corporation (a professional manufacturer and distributor of medical, industrial and commercial products and services).

                                      Mr. Pennypacker received a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Pennsylvania State University and a Master of Business Administration degree in Operational Research from St. Joseph University.